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FFI  Friendship Force International

Friendship Force International (FFI) was founded by Wayne Smith and introduced on March 1, 1977, by President Jimmy Carter at a White House gathering of state governors. Rosalyn Carter served as Honorary Chairperson from 1977 until 2002.

Over the years, FFI has gained the respect of governments around the world for its ground-breaking home hospitality program as an effective means for promoting international understanding.

In 1992, FFI was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize for its commitment to achieving world peace and mutual understanding through humanitarian, cultural, professional, youth, family and friendship exchanges.

FFI conducts more than 300 programs a year. In addition to its annual series of journeys between established Friendship Force clubs, FFI conducts a variety of specialized programs. These include the “discover” series, humanitarian and educational exchanges, and Friendship Festivals that include participants from many countries. Since its founding in 1977, FFI has brought together millions of people.


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